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Question of the Week: What's your least favorite IT job, task, or ......

By tcavadias Staff ·
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Question of the Week: "What's your least favorite IT job, task, or responsibility?"

For me it is all the documentation required!

What say you?
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certain users

by john.a.wills In reply to Question of the Week: Wha ...

Once the accountants tried to tell me the answer to a question I had not asked and that I did not need an answer to the question I had asked. Two years after my retirement my successor still had not got the information from them, leading to a greater chance of invalid input by the end users.

Worse than that: a user with a doctorate refused to tell me what his program ought to do for certain input, insisting that only 4 specific values would ever arise. We eventually got the information from his subordinates.

Even worse, a fellow programmer, in a coding review, made me the same kind of response: I asked for the type of the variable getting input to the procedure and was given only a list of the possible values, although the programming language was Cobol, which doesn't have enumerated types (well, this was a quarter of a century ago; perhaps the latest Cobol standard does have enumerated types, but Cobol 85 hadn't). I was the only one in the team to care about this hole in the code, and the others all signed that the procedure was correct. The next day I was fired, and I suspect a connection. If something odd happens on your phone bill, don't blame me.

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Has always been the documentation!

No matter what the job, or the field of endeavor, the darn
paperwork takes longer to finish then the actual task.
Oh, not to mention the claims to "streamline the process"
that using digital records would accomplish (in one of my
previous professions). Sure, the State Board and the Feds
would allow us to maintain electronic records, BUT only
if we kept paper hard copies readily retrievable!

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Online Marketing

by rajatrajput2816 In reply to Question of the Week: Wha ...

Digital Marketing is on a Boom. I like doing marketing digitally and that avoids the conventional method of marketing and it's complexities.

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digital marketing is a boom

by calvynlee In reply to Online Marketing

Absolutely agree. DM is a Boom,

yet, same as TS, documentation/report is my lease fav task

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Documentation and working with some non-IT persons

by jkan98 In reply to Question of the Week: Wha ...

For me it's documenting everything and also having to be in meeting with non-IT decidors...

Some of them are debating about things they don't even know about.

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Building Backlinks

by thefencedoc541 In reply to Question of the Week: Wha ...

I am an SEO professional and building backlinks for a website is the boring task and currently building links of a website thefencedoc541

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Off-Page seo

by talhaaxhar34 In reply to Question of the Week: Wha ...

Off page is all about backlinks it is easy but time taking and technical so it's best job i got and love to do it.
Thanks have a nice day.

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Favorite Job

by jillkint In reply to Question of the Week: Wha ...

I love to work in SEO

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least favourite

by patriciaslucia In reply to Question of the Week: Wha ...

Crunching the numbers and seeing whether they work - figures for my boss etc. I too like the digital marketing aspect and seo and all that stuff, but don't have time as got enough other work to do.

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