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Question on convert data type in Excel

By Hunterzh ·
Now we have an Excel file, I need to convert one column of data into Text format. Originally, the column is in custom format "000000-00", looks like 060414-26; how can I convert it directly into Text with exactly same result. I?ve tried to change the format of cells directly into Text, but then it looks like 6041426, not 060414-26.

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by davebkelly In reply to Question on convert data ...

The easiest way to sort this one is:

1, Copy the colunm into another spreadsheet.
2, Save the new spreadsheet as a txt (Tab Delimited) format.
3, Go back to Excel and then choose File/Open.
4, Open the text file you have just created.

You should now have kept the formatting and the column cells should be "General".

5, Change the cell formatting in the column to "Text"
6, Copy this column back into your original spreadsheet.

Best of luck !!!

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by dvgoad In reply to Question on convert data ...

two things: have you tried formatting to general?

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by RDK55 In reply to Question on convert data ...

Your best bet is to insert a column beside your data (I'll use column B as our inserted column). In cell B1, use the formula =text(A1, "000000-00") and copy down as far as necessary. Your new column should be the text result you're looking for.

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