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question on ip addresses

By countrydriverpack ·
Is it possible to have a separate IP address for two computers using the same cable connection via a router or do you need multiple routers?

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by erikdr In reply to question on ip addresses

Depends what you're talking about.
If it is Externally visible IP addresses (on the Internet itself): can be done with any more high-end type router, BUT only if the ISP does grant you these additional addresses.

If you don't need externally visible IP adresses (and for clients on cable connection you really don't need them usually - servers is a different story), and/or ISP does not give, internal addresses are enough. Any router will automatically use these, usually through NAT (Network Address Translation).

Have fun,

<Erik> - The Netherlands

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by Drew Pitzer In reply to question on ip addresses

As long as the cable company provides you with 2 routable IP addresses all you need is a hub or a switch. Just hook the ethernet cable from the cable modem into the hub and hook the computer into the hub. Generally with multiple IP addresses on one connection they will give you a static block of IPs. You will have to hard code the IPs into the two computers instead of using DHCP.

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by cdgun In reply to question on ip addresses

Most Routers act as a firewall so any sub network on your router will not be seen fron the WAN side or WWW a sinple 4 port router should do the trick, although if your cable company connection uses your MAC address or computers network card physical address for your connection you will need to purchase an additional IP address or add a network card to your primary computer and network through it using windows

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by wlbowers In reply to question on ip addresses

One router such as the Linksys WRT54G, will assign addresses for multiple computers. It also has a 4 port hub.


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