Question re: Mesh Wi Fi and existing modem/router

By alexhudson25 ·
Tags: Networking
Looking for help here... I have just bought a Mesh Wi Fi system (Google). I already have an existing ISP modem/router that is not overly configurable. I have an un-managed switch downstream of the router/modem connected to the Mesh Wi Fi primarily point. I have turned off the Wi Fi from the legacy modem/router. Everything seems to be working ok. But what I dont understand is how the DHCP/router of the modem/router interacts with the DHCP/router in the Mesh Wi Fi? Could someone help? What are the risks? I know the ideal situation is to buy a modem only (or a third party configurable modem/router) to replace the legacy modem/router so there is only one router in my house, but is it worth it? Thanks in advance.
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