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    Question regarding MSSQL2000-warnings


    by xenon_je ·

    Hello all,
    I encountered a strange situation. I will try to explain it at my best.
    I have a stored procedure. In it I create an unique index with the option IGNORE_DUP_KEY.The purpose is: if an insert is done with a new record, check if there is arecord with those values, and if there is then don’t insert it, but do not generate an error. The stored procedure executes well(I mean all the transact-sql statements are executed, even if a warning appears).
    That’s fine. Now I created a job, in which I put a step that simply executes the previously described stored procedure. At execution the job shows me that it completed with errors (in fact in history I see that is about the warning, the error 3604, whihc I’m aware that it can appear, butthe stored procedure executes well).
    Now my question: is there any way to make the job to execute well, but to not report error on the warnings, just if there are real errors.
    (answers can be sent to
    Many thanks

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