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By benv90 ·
Hey everyone,

I'm new to scripting and I am really trying to learn quite a bit from it. I just don't have a ton of time, but do need a script quickly. I've searched around and found bits and pieces but not quite what I would like to achieve. Basically, I'd like to query WMI and gather hardware information from machines on my domain. The script should have a command line argument so I can input which machine to gather it from. I'm thinking having OS information would be nice as well along with bios, cpu, hard disk, and ram information. Perhaps its possible to list other installed hardware? Such as the graphics card, network adapters, dvd drives? It would be really nice to have a script that can pull this information from the machines in my domain and output them into a text file. Is it also possible to pull driver information for the hardware as well?

If anyone can help out - Very many thanks in advance!

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