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Questionnaire: Questions about Searching for an IT Career!

By Slambeth0195 ·
Hello everyone,
My name is Shawn Lambeth and I am currently a student in college working towards a degree in information technology. As a part of a career management class aimed at obtaining and managing a career, I am conducting interviews with IT professionals and employment managers to determine what companies and organizations are looking for in a newly graduated IT professional that is applying for an IT job. If you would be willing to answer a few questions in a response post I would be grateful and it would really help with this project. If you are willing to participate you can be as forthcoming or limited in the information you give as you would like. If you are willing though It would be helpful to know your name, the name of the company or organization that you work for, the title of the position that you hold with said company/organization and to answer the following questions.

1. What responsibilities does your position entail?
2. What kind of degree and or training do you have related to your position and the IT field?
3. What kind of training and/or experience does the company you work for require for your position?
4. How many years have you worked for the company and in that time how many times have you been promoted? Did the company require further training for any of your promotions? If so what kind of training(i.e. personnel management, project management, accounting, etc.)?
5. What suggestions do you have for college students seeking a career in the IT field?
6. Did you relocate for your career? If so did you choose to relocate over taking positions in your local area or were their no local positions in the IT field available in your local area?

Thank you for your participation.

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