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By angelazappo ·
1. identify vendor license methods and calculate the number of licenses required.

2. write the procedures of how to check the number of licenses purchased by an organization.

3. write the procedures of how to carry out a check of loaded software.

NOTE: i need these questions to be answered for a windows 98 operating system.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Questions

This question seems very similar to a few others posted - others that offer 0 points and posted by User Deleted (a new user). They all sound like "test questions". Are you asking us to do your homework for you? If so, I hope I get an A on the question I answered.

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by TheBurbs In reply to Questions

For such open-ended questions you need to do a little more homework. Software licnesing is not standardized in any way, shape or form. It is surely vendor specific. And if you have seen or read anything about the changes in Microsoft over the last couple of years, you'll have some understanding of how the software vendors a changing their approaches to licensing over time.

If you want some valuable information for your questions, you'll need to do some more leg work. Perhaps a visit to the SIIA (formerly SPA?) would help ( They are a long-standing organization with part of their charter to bring awareness and provide porgrams for the protection of intellectual property, i.e. software.

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