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    Questions about Cloud Services (Backup and Sync)


    by son-gohan ·

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    I’m here, because I really need some advice about cloud storages in general.

    I’m using a computer with Windows 10 at home. Office365 is installed, therefore I have access to 1 TB of OneDrive.

    I also have an external hard drive of 2 TB, which I mainly use to backup music and video files.

    I use OneDrive to sync the folders “Documents” and “Pictures” automatically. While I enjoy working on excel sheets on my mobile phone when I’m off, I’m struggling with OneDrive for various reasons. First, it’s troublesome, that OneDrive changes the original path of the standard folders “Documents” and “Pictures” from C:\users to C:\users\OneDrive. Second, it’s very unconvenient, that I can’t backup/sync folders from other hard drives to OneDrive, for example the music and video files saved on the external hard drive mentioned above.
    I also had a hard time several times after installing OneDrive with certain permissions regarding Windows standard folders like “Camera Roll”, “Saved Pictures” and so on… When I tried to move them to other folders, sometimes OneDrive prevented me to do that.

    Right now, OneDrive works okay and I’m fine with it. Still, I wanted to check alternatives.

    Yesterday I installed Google Drive for my girlfriend on her own computer with the “Backup and Sync” software. It looks way more comfortable to be honest. While Google Drive also has its own exchance folder (like OneDrive), all the other backuped folders like “Documents”, “Pictures” and so on still keep their original paths. They’re not getting tampered by Google Drive.
    Also, you can backup from various hard drives, even from external ones.

    So my question is:
    When you read my descriptions above, would you say, that maybe I should change from OneDrive to Google Drive?
    Did any of you have the same problems with OneDrive tampering the standard folders on Windows?
    And does it make any sense to use OneDrive and Google Drive simultaneously?

    As you may have noticed, the “sync” features are nice to have but not primarily the reason I use such a service. What I really want is just a 1:1 cloud backup from all the data I want to backup. I always had the feeling to “lose control” about my files when everythings syncing automatically. I’d rather prefer to have a cloud backup simply for backup reasons, which should work all the same as an external hard drive.

    Would it be better to use a “real” backup service instead of OneDrive/Google Drive?

    I’d really appreciate your advices! Thank you!

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      Share my experience about backup

      by quangtran1007 ·

      In reply to Questions about Cloud Services (Backup and Sync)

      Hello ~!

      It’s not easy to explain which services are the best choice in backup data.
      Because each solution has advantaged and disadvantage. So I want to share my opinion about this topic.

      Firstly, using the external hard disk for backup data such as traditionally solution. Their advantages are the cheap cost for one external hard disk and flexible to use any software to back up your data to those devices.
      But It has still some dis-advantages are risks about lost data as external hard disk damage, data lost before backup, need to connect external hard disk when need access.

      Secondly, Cloud storage solution as OneDrive, Google Drive, its popular solution now. It supports to sync data to cloud storage in real time so you can access them anywhere. Your data will keep on Cloud storage and managed by the Cloud provider.

      But you must have the Internet to sync data/access data on Cloud storage and the cost is higher than the traditional solution above.
      Finally, you should consider basing your requirement to choose suitable solutions.

      Please leave your comment if you have any question.

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