Questions about moving Certificate Authority in a Mixed Server Enviroment

By Audigy642 ·
Hi, I'm a relatively new IT specialist and I'm having some questions about moving the certificate authority from a domain controller in order to demote then repremote the server because of the DNS service running on that server. Unfortunatly I have no one with higher IT experience to look to for possible help with this one.
I am currently working in a Server enviroment that is mixed. We have 2 windows 2000 servers 1 nt server and 5 windows server 2003 standard servers. When finding information about moving Certificate Authority it says to raise the Domain Fuctional Level to 2003, (something that I can't really do). Then to backup the certificate Authority (which I've done), and backup the registry key (done as well). Also it says something about deleting the CA cryptographic keys (don't know what thats about).

I was just wondering if there was any other way of moving the authority that anyone else has tried?

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