Questions about setting up static IP server behind Linsys WRT 54 router

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I am trying to set up a server (with MS Server 2003)with a static IP within our small network, as this is what is needed to run a stand alone statistics tracking program we have. We have DSL (with 5 static IP's) going into a linksys WRT 54 G (v. 6) router. The server is one of 8 PC's hard wired to the router and router switch. I have set the router up with one of the static IP's, and set the server up with another. All PC's except the server can access the web, network, etc. with no problem. The server can not access either the web or network. Does anyone know if it is possible to set this up using the hardware we have? Any help or sugestions would be much appreciated.


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Does the Server

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have to have just a static IP or must it be a routable IP?
The reason I ask is that it would be much simpler to exclude a series of addressess from the DHCP service of the router. Then you could assign the server a static IP that is in the same subnet/network of the other computers. Example:
Router has static IP from ISP, it hands out A NAT address to the other systems 192.168.100.xx. You keep .0 for the network, .1 for the gateway (router) and reserve 2-10 for special units (servers/printers). 11-254 are assigned by DHCP.
Then provided the subnet mask, gateway and DNS settings are the same all will communicate with each other and the internet.
If this is not possible you could install a second NIC in the Server or see if it will work through adding a second IP (of the internal network) through the current IP properties Advanced section (I have never tried it this way).
Server 2003 defaults to prevent access through IE to the Internet, but you can allow exceptions or turn of this feature.

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