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    Questions and concerns about dell xps 15

    by lmccarty5 ·


    I am shopping for a new computer for college that can handle tasks both in the classroom and outside. I am looking for a computer that is on the smaller-medium size, has a touch screen, can handle productivity tasks (web browsing, watching videos, typing documents) and multitasking well. I also need it to be a bit of a powerhouse, capable of handling some moderate – heavy CAD, simulations, programming, light gaming, and light video editing. I would also like this to last me a long time, so I want it to be pretty future proof… That’s a lot to ask. I know. All of this has drawn me to the new Dell XPS 15, particularly the one with the 2tb ssd, 64 gb ram, and the 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i9-10885H. Could anyone with this spec testify to how well it works?

    Those specs seem to be what I’m going to need to meet all of the conditions described above, but I have a concern: can the XPS 15 handle the thermals? Is this just a machine meant for an i7, but they decided to slap an i9 in there? Will I get the most out of this hardware with the laptop’s current design? I know I could jump to an XPS 17, which has better thermals (and will have an i9 version released soon, from what I hear), but the size and weight make it much less appealing for a device that will be on my back most of the day.

    On a side note, this is a bit less important to me, but is it possible to use a stylus with this machine? I couldn’t find anything on the dell website or really anywhere else? If you can, does anyone have a recommended stylus?

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      i7 and i9 are different sockets and completely different M’Boards.

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Questions and concerns about dell xps 15

      They did not just slap a i9 onto a i7 M’Board as there is no way they could do that it is just not possible the M’Board that the i9 is on was designed for it and should work perfectly or at the very least within it’s design limits.

      But nonetheless with all Laptops it is a Must to have a cool pad under them to stop them sucking in all the crud in the air and blocking the cooling vents which will cause them to overheat. The worst I have seen was one that was sat on a fabric sofa and that blocked the air intake which cooked and destroyed the NB but generally speaking they suck in lots of dust and other crud in the air which blocks the CPU’s Heatsink and causes the CPU to overheat.

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