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Questions of the week January 2 2012

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
Here are the questions from last week that I found Interesting.

Of course anyone who can offer any suggestions jump right in.


why won't my old desktop and laptop read my flashdrives?;discussion-table

Why is Parallels Desktop such a battery hog on OS Lion?;discussion-table

where did my file go?;discussion-table

how to have a smooth transition from a compaq desktop to an hp touchsmart?;discussion-table

How do I open a Word 2.0 document w/ Macros in Word 2010?;discussion-table

How can I fix "The shadow copy provider had an error (0x80042306)"?;discussion-table

How do I add a message to a conversation in Outlook;discussion-table

How to fix "fdisk: unable to read /dev/sdg1: Input/output error" Ubuntu?

O/S-Error (OS 1450) Insufficient system resources exist to complete Reqst?;discussion-table

What website do I upload my home made blu ray movie?;discussion-table

how to bring new services to the Service Desk;discussion-table

shortcuts and administrative tools disappear on WDS;discussion-table

Exchange 2007 or 2010 Lab on one laptop using VMWare...possible?;discussion-table

Is RightFax Compatible with SQL Server 2005 SP3?;discussion-table

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