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Questions on a new business

By J Hewett ·
First off, I would like to say what a great site this is. The downloads sections is very good and the helpful threads I have been reading are putting some of the pieces to my puzzle together.

Here are my questions, for a little background, I am starting a computer repair shop in my town where I will also sell pre-built computers but mainly focus on computer repair.

what type of legal form do I need to make up for the customer to sign, stating that they are responsible for data loss so I want get blamed if they loose a word document or something of that sort?

Also what other type of forms would I need to type up for the customer? I have been looking at sample invoices around the web to get an idea of how to make up a invoice template for me to design, and all. I was just wanting some input from you, which are already in the field and could help a up and coming business owner.

Any help would be great, also any links to some good reads for me would be great also. Thanks alot.

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Business Law

by TheChas In reply to Questions on a new busine ...

As far as a release agreement, I recommend that you contact a local lawyer versed in business law.

The wording on any release form needs to follow certian specifics, and include specific verbage in order to protect you.

Invoices run the gamit.

The 2 local shops that I deal with have pre-made forms.
1 uses a laser printer, and the back side is pre-printed with their policies and disclaimers.

The other uses a letterhead style form and a tractor fead dot matrix printer.

3 other shops in the area that I don't deal with as much use books of carbon less 2 or 3 part forms with their name and address printed on them.

These option all have different cost factors. If your intended market is other businesses or professionals, thenI would go the laser printer route.


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Thank you

by J Hewett In reply to Business Law

Thank you for the reply. I like the option of having the policies on the back of the invoice, it's a neat idea.

I try to contact a lawyer in my area focused on business law.

Is there anything else that anyone can think of that I might need toknow? I have to go to the register of deeds office on Tuesday to get my business name and all. So hopefully I should be up and running by the end of the week or so.

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Just a couple of small things

by MallardtooXX In reply to Thank you

I can think of just a couple more things for you to look at.
First of all you need to consider your registration type. There are a lot of stupid laws and tax laws that mire all businesses. If you are not at least aware of these laws then you may find yourself in a pickle come tax time. I would suggest a small LLC, this gives you flexibilty and the ability to push taxes into a fund. This also protects your personal investments better than just hanging your shingle out and seeing what happens.
Second- I would recommend you pick your source vendors and get your resellers license in place, this would allow you to get your parts way cheaper and allow you a little less overhead when you are starting out when you are at your most vulnerable. I know this is not what you were looking for but these are the things that many people often forget. You have to protect yourself from your own business just to be safe. In this current climate there are literally thousands of startups that fail within the first 6 months. You also want to make sure that you are solvent enough to survive at least 3 months with little to no business this way you have a cushion when things are not working out so well. I hope you never need it but it never hurts. Good luck, your own business is a very rewarding venture, it is a great thing to realize. I hope this helps.

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by J Hewett In reply to Just a couple of small th ...

Thank you so much MallardtooXX, you helped me a lot with your replies. I am going to set up an appointment my my local SCORE for tuesday after I leave the register of deeds office for my name. I will see about getting my resellers license, that would be a great benefit to my business if I could get parts at a cheaper cost.

If anyone else has any suggestions or knowledge that they would like to shed some light on, pleae do not hesitate. I really want my business to get off the ground, so any help would be great.

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Oh yeah and something else

by MallardtooXX In reply to Questions on a new busine ...

you might try going to the web site
it is the US site for small business and has many things to read and bone up on. Good luck

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Been There, Done that.

by keithNVA In reply to Oh yeah and something el ...

You need to form an LLC or corp in case you make money. 2 Keep good records for WHEN you get audited. Tell your customer the truth before you work on the PC. If they leave because you told them 3 hrs @ $75/hr and you have to wipe their drive, betternow than later. get a 1/2 hr non-refundable bench charge because 20% dont pick up their PC, or decide not to get it fixed. Make sure you put on the disclaimer, After x# of days its yours--that way the day after you toss that 386 and they come in forthe PC you are covered (It always happens that way) Always fix problems fast. Don't promise anything you cant or wont deliver. Never bad-mouth your competition because you will some day need their help. Join the chamber of commerce --they usually doreferrals. Pay all taxes on time. You are a professional so you should use professionals--accountants, lawyers etc. Use a reputable vendor- If the WIN 98 you buy is $15 RUN!, It does take time, but remember 1 dissatisfied customer just cost you 10 you never heard from. Return phone calls, even when you don't have the answer.

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