Questions to ask outgoing Network Admin

By JohnSmithIT ·
I am taking over network admin duties from someone soon to be fired. I am putting together a list of specific questions for upper management to ask him before they let him go. Can you all please post your input and give me some more examples of things you need your outgoing IT guy to tell you. THere are 4 servers and 100 users. Thats about all I know

So far I have

I will need passwords and device IP?s for ALL switches, routers, wireless access points, and domain administrator credentials.

Any and all available network diagrams including physical and logical layouts.

Any and all network / server documentation.

Any and all info regarding software licensing, agreements and keys.

Who are our vendors, their function, their contacts, and phone numbers?

Who knows the passwords for systems that perform critical business functions?
Do we have a testing environment with servers identical to those in production?

Do we take backup tapes offsite? Where? How often?

Are all of our servers and critical desktop computers kept in secure areas?
o Who has keys (traditional, key-card, or both) to the doors for those areas?

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Where is the documentation

by SKDTech In reply to Questions to ask outgoing ...

and when was it last updated

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What is your personal contact information ???

by 1bn0 In reply to Questions to ask outgoing ...

so I can talk to you privately about what I need to watch out for with management??

Or maybe you are already aware of the details of the situation.

The phrase "about to be fired" just immediately made me question what you are getting yourself into.

Gettting fired from a sys admin position is not a good sign. The position requires a fairly high level of trust from management.

Losing that trust to the point of getting fired does not bode well for future employment. Most of us try hard to avoid it. That makes wme wonder about the other side of the story.

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Well I hope your are using an alias

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Questions to ask outgoing ...

or they don't use TR, or isn't friends with anyone who is.

Admin backddoors to the system, modems for instance.
Every access they have, any other passwords he has.
Routines ie annual job that keeps the systems ticking over.

You are on a hiding to nothing here, all of this should already be documented. No matter how comprehensive you get with this list, there are going to be questions you and we don't know to ask, and the chnaces of the outgoing admin voluteering the information will be somewhere between slim and none. I bet they can't remember everything they need and do, without some situational prompt.

I'd make sure who ever your boss is that getting out of this scenario with ease is way more luck than judgement.

Lets hope they learn a lesson and make sure job one on your list is document the f**k out of everything, then they can get rid of you dead easy like.....

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In light of that comment

by SKDTech In reply to Well I hope your are usin ...

Plan on changing all the Admin passwords when he leaves, make sure to document them, ensure that all his user accounts are disabled, make sure there are GOOD backups before he is terminated and make another set after his termination just in case if possible.

My paranoia circuit hadn't tripped yet when I posted earlier

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It's not the first time this sort of question has been asked

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to In light of that comment

in one way or another.
Mr Kassners, recent are you a threat.

Critical point of failure in personel.

Put the old hat back on.

Way back when I first joined there was a long running one on how the get rid of the admin. That situation was so bad, the recomendation was to lock him out, disconnect all outsode lines and re-secure everything thru the use of specialist consultants.

What about the recent poster who complained users wouldn;t give him their passwords so he could do things as them?

Arghh, don't forget the phone system !

What if the guy was just leaving to work for someone with a brain, or he got ran over by a bus.

It's truly amazing how many businesses are more exposed than an aging porn star and are just as likely to be rogered by assorted people with implements in every orifice.

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