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    quick and dirty backup


    by albert001 ·

    I have a user taking up a lot of space on the server, so i had him move all the old stuff he doesn’t need to a separate folder. now i have 30GB to archive and it is just a hodge podge mess. Any suggestions as to what i should use? 10 DVD’s? or an external hard drive? We would like to have two copies, so it would be twenty DVD’s or two external hard drives. It is a windows domain network with W2k3 server and WinXP desktops. We have two Buffalo terastation NAS.

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      by albert001 ·

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      Get a internal drive of 500 or 750 gb.

      by Anonymous ·

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      These drives will give you the speed as well as more space.

      Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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      Well normally this would be copied to the NAS

      by oh smeg ·

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      If you want to free up space on these you can use a External HDD as it’s considerably faster and if speed is your only measure you can use a Firewire External Drive/s if you have a Firewire Port on one of the computers on the network.

      Failing that you an use a USB Enclosure with your choice of HDD inside it and if these drives where to come out of decommissioned computers they wouldn’t be any costs except for the USB Enclosures involved.

      For archival Purposes I don’t recommend that you store the data in a Backup or Encrypted Format because when it is required it is very unlikely that the Backup software is any longer available so the data can be very expensive to recover or the Encryption Technology used for this data is no longer supported. There is also the potential problem of the Media that you chose to use not being supported any longer so you need to constantly look at your Archival Procedures and transfer any Old Data over to new Media when you are ending the Production Life of a Media Format.


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        by albert001 ·

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        Hmmm, those two posts give me an idea. maybe i will copy the data to a NAS and an external HDD.

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          Maybe an FTP server as well?

          by brudab ·

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          Depending on your connection speed it may be feasible to upload the data to an FTP server as well.

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