Quick memory tester?

By kentontator ·
I have to come in to work this weekend and am going to be doing a lot of software updates as well as cleaning up the machines.

I am going to be running disk cleanup and defragging all of them. My boss said to test their memory. I told him as long as the machine's were running fine the memory doesn't need to be tested unless being used for diagnostics.

Also I told him it would not be feasible to run memtest on all the machine we have in a day since memory checkers like this generally take 30-45 minutes or so.

Does anyone know a quick test just to show its ok? Or does anyone have a link I could share with him as to why it would be useless to test?

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by RookieTech In reply to Quick memory tester?

are you gonna buy this tester or you looking for a program that test it from your computer??

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lookin for free

by kentontator In reply to question

looking to go free, going to test it on each individual machine, not remotely.

if its reasonably cheap we could go with a purchase...

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by ashij In reply to lookin for free

I know that there are a numerous testing utilities out there, but I usually like to go with UBCD, as it included 4-5 different types of mem test applications. Try it out and see if this works for you.
UBC http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/


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have it, looking for faster solution

by kentontator In reply to UBCD

I have this in my repertoire of tools, but I was looking for something a bit faster than having to boot into a machine. Maybe something that just runs while already in windows.

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The 'tester' has to be small - Windows is far too big ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to have it, looking for fast ...

To effectively check system RAM, as much of that RAM as possible must be empty, so that various stresses can be placed upon it within a controlled environment - filling it up with different forms of data files, then emptying it again and watching the reaction time of the silicon.

If the memory checker were to run while Windows was active, the areas of RAM available for the test would be drastically reduced, due to a sizable chunk of RAM being occupied my Windows itself.

That's why memory diagnostic utilities like MemTest86 are self-booting.

Any Windows-based memory diagnostic is unlikely to return a valid result due to the amount of RAM unavailable for testing.

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by kentontator In reply to The 'tester' has to be sm ...

man you pick up on everything...I have seen your post around here and you really know yours stuff. I never thought of it like that but it makes perfect sense. Thanks!

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Not the best way to do it, but...

by seanferd In reply to have it, looking for fast ...


Otherwise, if you decide to do bootable tests:

Seriously though, these are like the top 4 hits in a search...

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by kentontator In reply to Not the best way to do it ...

I did a search but could only find boot-able ones which I did not want to do, but as explained above I guess it makes sense why not to do it like that..

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Yeah, I know. :)

by seanferd In reply to thanks,

That one will run under Windows, or bootable.

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