Quickbooks 2007 with Windows Server 2003 privilege issues

By greenelantern ·
Quickbooks requires at least Power User privileges to run. I am running
a domain with Windows Server 2003. The Windows Server 2003 did not
come with a built in Power Users group, so how can I create the Power
Users group so that it will propagate when the appropriate users log on
so they can act like Power Users on their local computers? My only
other option is to grant these users Domain Admin access, and I am
very hesitant to give even the people I trust this level of access for every
day use.

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Quickbooks 2007

by alarriva In reply to Quickbooks 2007 with Wind ...

It works some of the time if you give them Administrator Rights and then log them straight into quickbooks. I've not had success with just making them Power Users. And, it runs pretty much just fine if you login as an administrator complete with an interactive desktop and use the program -- pretty poor if you ask me.

Intuit's solution -- upgrade to Enterprise. Nice folks.

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Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 7.0

by realoswaldsmith In reply to Quickbooks 2007

We use their 'Enterprise' version, and since the day my company bought this, I've had no end of trouble. This poorly-written program is even the reason why I'm at work today! Intuit's documentation is poor, but thankfully, there are some good sites to advise you:

I give the Accountants Power User rights on their local machine.

Oh well, I'm off to finish reinstalling Server 2K3 Ent R2 on the dedicated Quickbooks server. I'm actually updating to Service Pack 2 now. I thought that since I'm starting from scratch, why no go the whole nine yards?

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I got it to work, poorly

by greenelantern In reply to Quickbooks 2007

I went on the local machines and gave the Quickbooks group
I created Power User rights locally, but its one more thing to
think about every time i set up a computer. I would never
recommend Quickbooks to anyone, and if not for the
investment and the huge backlog of info in QB, i'd push my
company to switch to Microsoft SB Accounting

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Quickbooks 2007 and Windows 2003 server

by jflamy50 In reply to Quickbooks 2007

So, quickbooks are running on Windows 2003 server without any problem ?

If your answer is yes, where I can find every step to install quickbooks on windows 2003 server

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