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    Quickbooks Pro 2002-trouble with backup


    by i-love-running ·

    I regularly back up my company files in Quickbooks. Today I was able to back up all of my companies except one. At about 80% done it told my that my data had not been backed up. At first I thought it was a bad disk but it happened with three new disks and I even formatted them again. Is there a problem with my C-drive and what can I do to fix it?

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      by emkay_mm ·

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      the most probable reason why its not backing up successfully could be an error in the data file itself. go to windows>close all.after that go to
      file >utilities>verify data
      see if the verification comes clean .
      if not press ctrl+1.. in the middle of the product info screen u wud see file location . note it down. goto the file location then copy the file on the desktop. open the file which is on desktop in quickbooks.then hold the ctrl button press file >utilities>rebuild data.
      keep the ctrl button down till u click on rebuild data dont back up when asked for a back up.
      once the file has been rebuilt verify again.if clean try taking a back up.
      it wud work. after that copy the file back from desktoop to the actual file location and replace the damaged file.

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