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    Quickbooks Pro 2003 “C=342” Error Msg


    by rmessier ·

    We have 2 separate copies of QB Pro 2003 (exact same version), one on the Mngrs PC (Dell 4300 running ME) and the other on another PC (Dell 4300 Running XP Pro) in a office nextdoor.
    We are using a peer to peer LinkSys wireless network. The Quickbooks Data file resides on the Mngrs office computer. I used to be able to access the file on his computer and here latley I get an error message “C=342” and it closes. What happens is I open QB and I get the login and password screen. I enter my info and it starts to load the data file. Ater the file is loaded it acts like it is going to open and I get this message.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem and what did you do to correct it. I called support and they wont do anything unless you have a service contract.
    I would appreciate any assistance with this matter. Thanks…Rod

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