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QuickLaunch toolbar missing

By estvb ·
My QuickLaunch toolbar mysteriously disappeared sometime between me shutting down and turning on my computer the next day. The odd thing is that my admin account (winxp by the way) still has it but my other account doesn't. Here's what I've tried so far:
1) Right click on taskbar -> Toolbars -> QuickLaunch
- I get the error "Cannot create toolbar."
2) Right click taskbar -> Properties. Check the Show QuickLaunch Toolbar box, click OK
- Absolutely nothing happens and the box will be unchecked the next time I go into properties
3) Check that the QuickLaunch folder exists under Docs & Settings\[user]\Application Data\MS\IE\QuickLaunch
- it does

I've searched on google but can't find an answer. Most of the results talk about the error "Cannot create toolbar for..." I don't get the "for..." at the end. I just get "cannot create toolbar", period. The MS knowledge base only talks about the above error message and suggests deleting a registry key. I don't have that registry key and I've restarted Windows many, many times.

I know I could just create a new toolbar with the exact same functionality as the quicklaunch, but it's the principle of that counts. It was working yesterday and I've done nothing that should mess up windows. I wasn't even using my computer for most of the day. It was just on.

Please help.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to QuickLaunch toolbar missi ...

hmm. sounds busted all right. did you try an Internet Explorer repair? my skimming of the mskb makes me believe that the Quick Launch toolbars is part of Internet Explorer...what version you on? are you up on the latest service packs for everything? i wonder if reinstalling ie service pack 1 would have any effect...

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by estvb In reply to

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I tried a couple of ways of repairing IE but none of them worked. I have WinXP sp2 with IE6 sp1. I tried reinstalling the service pack but it didn't seem to do it right. I can't seem to uninstall it, or ie for that matter, so I can reinstall from scratch. Thanks for the suggestion.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to QuickLaunch toolbar missi ...

ok, so it's a profile thing.

create a new account and login and see if that one works.
If it works, rename the document and settings all the account of which it's not working and logg back in, it should create a new profile and all if set.
Of course since it's a new profile you have to recreate all settings for outlook express and some other programs.


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by estvb In reply to

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I created a new account and sure enough the Quick Launch worked fine. Surely there must be some way of just fixing whatever broke. I really don't want to resort to this workaround, but I guess if it works, it works. Heck, I've been meaning to wipe my hard drive and do a clean install of everything anyway, so I might as well do that now. Thanks for the workaround.

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by estvb In reply to QuickLaunch toolbar missi ...

Feeling generous so you both get 1500 points. :)

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by estvb In reply to QuickLaunch toolbar missi ...

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