Quickly access special characters : using AUTO-TEXT feature instead

By adam.okhai ·
The article "Quickly access special characters in XP" is useful; however I wonder if the work-around I use is simpler (?). For special characters, whether a simple symbol or a words-with-symbols string , I use the auto-text feature in MS-Word. I select "formatting" in the dialog box used to add an auto-text entry . Its faster when one highlights the relevant symbol or string of words , then click create auto-text. This way ensures the auto-text dialog has things already set up , and all I need do is choose an acroynym . I choose something an abbreviation that's easy for me to remember. Thus I don't need to worry about keeping a reference card listing what shortcut keys to use for special or foreign characters / frequently used text / symbols etc .
I have no problems until I start using French or Spanish in addition to US- English. So I have a question re my method (which is o/wise effective):When using 2 languages, whenever I add an auto-text entry in one language (using same application) , the auto-text will work only in one language. Anyone know a way to get auto-text to work in multiple languages? Suggestions wd be appreciated. Adam Okhai

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A suggestion, since you asked for one

by Kiltie In reply to Quickly access special ch ...

I mean no offence, but would it not be better to add this to the existing discussion on that article?

Link is here, if you want:

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Access of special characters , using Auto-text feature

by adam.okhai In reply to A suggestion, since you a ...

Thanks for the link, Kiltie. (BTW, meant to add to thread already started, but hasty dicta (using Dragon's new version) caused error.
Regards Adam

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