Quirky keyboard.

By normhaga ·
I saw an NB today that you can not type with. I thought no problem and plugged in a USB keyboard. Still could not type. If it were the KB controller, the external KB would have allowed typing. The NB just had a trip to England and back.

The keystrokes never make it to the screen. OS is XP Pro SP 2.

Does anyone have an idea?

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Could be a X Ray issue

by OH Smeg In reply to Quirky keyboard.

A lot of CMOS Circuitry doesn't play well when hit with High Energy Radiation it fries IC's and International Travel seems to play havoc with this because everything is now X Rayed to prevent naughty bits being sunk Onboard Aircraft.

Or it could be the Keyboard Interface on the M'Board has been destroyed totally. Not something I've seen in the past though I have seen a Degraded Keyboard Interface where a few letters failed to work on 1 NB.


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That is the funny thing.

by normhaga In reply to Could be a X Ray issue

I set the NB up for overseas travel prior to the trip - meaning sterilize, encrypt, yada, yada to forensically clean standards. I personally know it was working.

When it came back, when I first turned it on the NB acted like a stuck latch issue; I would press "a" in notepad and the cursor would move up a line as if I pressed <control> "a". Could note ring the bell though. This is what led me to plug in an external keyboard. When I plugged in the external KB I got nothing, when I unplugged the external I also got nothing - even through a reboot.

I lean toward a fried KB controller, but trying to be thorough I am wondering if this could be a very unusual OS issue.

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Well Norm when I hit this type of Problem

by OH Smeg In reply to That is the funny thing.

I load a Live Linux and test the Keyboard for function. It it works now it has to be the Windows being corrupted. It it doesn't work with a Linux OS the Hardware is shot.

Not a happy thought but a good test none the less.


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Oh, Doh!

by normhaga In reply to Well Norm when I hit this ...

Slaps self in forehead!

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It helps no end if we are not involved to closely with a problem. <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to Oh, Doh!

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