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quistion on the remote desktoping

By bdc486 ·
now my question is when you type the IP adress and you connect dose there have to be a person on the other side at all times to hit ok? (sometimes i forget to log off) when i am traviling with my laptop i connect but it wont let me connect fully because the user is still signed on is there a way i can make it so it just boots my loged on account off with out someone on the other side hitting ok?

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Just how many times are you going to post this?

by jdclyde In reply to quistion on the remote de ...

First of all, that would be known as spamming when you jump in here and start asking the same question in multiple places.

Second of all, when you have a technical question and are in search of an answer, you post it in the "Tech Q&A" section listed above.

This section is for discussing topics. The people that would be looking to answer questions like yours would be in the other section and so would completely miss all of your posts in the discussion section.

Make sure you provide as much information up front or people will not bother with you.

What OS are you using?
Are you still on the LAN?
Are you remote over a VPN?
Do you have physical access to both systems? (If people doubt for a second that the systems are not yours, you will be shunned. Not a hacker site.)
Are you using third party software or part of the OS?

Good luck. If I knew the answer, I would tell you.

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Yeah. What he said.

by stress junkie In reply to Just how many times are y ...

And learn how to spell.

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