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Quite a lot

By JJFitz ·
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by JJFitz In reply to Quite a lot

Apple didn't solve the problem. Owners just covered it up. But that doesn't mean that it was not released without a serious design flaw.
So much for the power of No.

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by seanferd In reply to Quite a lot


Probably had to do with one of the Apple articles, right?

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by JJFitz In reply to Quite a lot

see Apple is winning - the power of No.
The crazy idea is that Apple held off on the release of the white iPhone until it was ready (designed well).
My argument is how do you reconcile that with releasing a product with a poorly designed antenna?

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But Steve said you're holding it wrong!

by seanferd In reply to yeah

Didn't you get the Memo? Antenna is perfectly fine. Apple's customers and fans are just idiots who are ridiculously inadequate hand-operators.

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Sony was right...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to But Steve said you're hol ...

the customers fail to have the right size of hands...

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Hard to say how they missed the antenna issue

by robo_dev In reply to Quite a lot

I assume that whoever designed that device has complete confidence that holding onto a cell phone antenna is perfectly safe for people?

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Personally I was under the Impression

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Quite a lot

That the iPhone Antenna Design was supposed to turn the user into the Antenna.

But the Air Dielectric between the Antenna and hand is just so inconsistent that it is yet to work properly.

After all as yet no one has proved that these devices are actually safe and they use the argument No one has yet to prove that they are unsafe so they must be safe.

Just like the Doctors prescribing a Mourning Sickness Drug to Pregnant females caused birth defects all those years ago. After all no one has proved it's unsafe so it must be safe. :^0

The way that our Free Enterprise System works allows really nasty things to be Development Tested on the Community with the hope that it's not going to cost the developers/makers or who ever lots of money when it proves fatal.


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iPhones drop calls and cancer

by JJFitz In reply to Personally I was under th ...

There is a hilarious fake commercial about how the iPhone drops calls thus preventing cancer. It really sounds like something Apple would say.

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