Quotation for an online stock trading/stock brokerage system

By robertgak ·
I am looking to outsource the development of an online stock trading/stock brokerage system to a excellent development team preferably in India.
I hope to have the system developed in Java. I am not looking for a specific database but would prefer Oracle/postgresql. Can you help me get a cost basis for this project?

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I imagine that you would have to submit a request for tenders

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Quotation for an online s ...

But before you do this you'll need to be very specific as to what the OS that it will be running on and what features you need built into the software will have.

If you don't lock down everything from the beginning you will suffer cost blow outs that you can do nothing about because you failed to give direct instructions from the beginning.

The other thing is just because labour in India or China is cheap doesn't mean that you get a Superior product. With any form of custom scripting you'll only get what you pay for and if there is currently something else available that fits that need you are better off using that as you'll have support and not be trying to fix problems as they arise. Also if this is supposed to run on Windows you'll have to state that it will have to be Vista Compliment or you'll be up for a rewrite as soon as Vista becomes widely used.

You will also want some form of backup support available for any recoding that becomes necessary as time goes by and any questions that arise. If you are farming out this work you'll also want to make sure that they can use none of it in any other scripting that they do or you'll find yourself paying for development work for others.


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Online Stock Brokerage Software

by robertgak In reply to Quotation for an online s ...

We currently have the RFP ready. Anyone with the details of a Software development or software vendor firm I should contact?

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Development of Stock Trading Software

by utpalbhatia In reply to Quotation for an online s ...

Is the requiremetn for development os stock tradin gsoftware live ? we will be interested to develop and support the system.

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E-Brokerage solution

by robertgak In reply to Quotation for an online s ...

We at Optima solutions currently offer the following as regards e-brokerage solution:

* business requirement analysis

* drawing up of request for proposal

* overseeing project implementation

The product we consult for has been implemented in over 10 brokerages in the US and Middle East.

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