Quoting for small/medium size network projects

By markbagus ·
I have started up an IT consultancy after being made redundant at the beginning of this year. I have done quite a lot of small local work - mainly fixing, but now have the opportunity to quote on a job for a company moving to bigger premises - they need a new IT network installed.

I don't know many details at the moment - but it sounds like 1 Windows server + maybe 5-10 workstations.

Technically I will have no problem - although time-wise, I may need an additional person to help depending on the scale.

I have never quoted on this sort of thing before so would really appreciate any advice on what to ask at the initial meeting.

Some things i can think of:

* hardware requirements (server/workstation numbers & details)
* software requirements (versions of Windows, ms office, exchange, other ?)
* locations of hardware and network cabling etc.
* Backup requirements
* internet requirements
* user loggin requirements
* Support - what sort of things to ask/offer here? Is it worth just offering an hourly rate, or a retainer, or super fast response? remote access?
* Is it worth asking about permissions etc at this stage?

Have I missed anything?

Also, is there a template anywhere of a typical layout to present a proposal to a potential client? Remember, I am a small company and this is a relatively small network - so do not need a 'book'.

I would really appreciate any advice on this.

Thanks and all the best.


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Consider competition

by Pet In reply to Quoting for small/medium ...

You have a pretty good list, although given the size of the network you've stated, you should easily be able to do it all yourself if you really wanted to, unless time is an issue with them.

One other thing you should consider is who else they are getting to quote on this project. So from the outset make sure you find out if others are quoting, that they provide you with the same information as the other vendors. For instance, there'd be no point quoting a retainer if everyone else is simply giving an hourly rate. Find out what they're looking for, but don't be afraid to ask for what you think you are worth.

As well, find out what they have in terms of licenses, and if they are able to produce these licenses. You don't want to get burned later on by finding out that some of their software is unlicensed or not legit, they may blame you for the extra cost of getting legal.

For the "support" items you mention, this will be the core of your offering to them, so make sure you ask a lot of questions to find out what they are used to and what they want. Suggest things that will make your life easier (like being able to remote in to desktops etc).

I don't know if there's a proposal template floating around but I'll be it's on techrepublic if anywhere. Good luck!

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Quoting for small/medium size network projects

by tintoman In reply to Quoting for small/medium ...

Sounds to me like you will cope just fine with this. My only advice is if you are a one man operation like me then be careful about offering rapid response, dont promise anything you might not be able to deliver.
In my experience most clients have no idea what they are asking you to do and they have no choice but to trust you as the expert to tell THEM what's required, as always in these cases sketch out a schematic for the physical layout keep it simple, and talk in laymans terms during the pitch....oh and the very best of luck to you

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providing techncal support

by samanth_giri In reply to Quoting for small/medium ...

We read your post, and willing to provide the support upon companies policies and terms.
Feel free to contact us.


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