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    "Send as" in Exchange 2007/Outlook 2007 doesnt work?


    by nbmprivat ·

    I have a weird problem and i will try to explain.

    I’m running a Exchange 2007/Outlook 2010 setup. Because some users have two different email adresses i have set up an additional user in the AD and added the account in Exchange.

    User 1a –
    User 1b –

    Now i have given User 1a “Send as” permissions to User 1b.

    The problem is the same for each user and i get the following error message:

    You are not allowed to send this message because you are trying to send on behalf of another sender without permission to do so. Please verify that you are sending on behalf of the correct sender, or ask your system administrator to help you get the required permission.

    Diagnostic information for administrators:

    Generating server:
    #MSEXCH:MSExchangeIS:/DC=dk/DC=domain:exchangeserver[578:0x000004DC:0x0000001D] #SMTP#

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