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qxd file layout changes when reopened

By John.Abbott ·
A mac os9 user saves a qxd file to a win2k server storage/folder, when the file is reopened from the server storage/folder, the layout of the file has been changed. This is not the case when the user reopens the file from the mac hard drive.

Any advice to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

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by John.Abbott In reply to qxd file layout changes w ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to qxd file layout changes w ...

Mac files are created with two extents: the data fork and the
resource fork. The HFS keeps track of these so that they appear
to be one file to the end user. Windows does not recognize the
second extent, and so any formatting information is lost in
translation. There can also be problems if the different text
encodings are not taken into account.

Flattening the file into one extent with a utility that recognizes
the two forks before storing it on the server is one solution.
Aladdin's StuffIt would be a good choice, since this would give
you a number of options for compression or encoding. StuffIt is
also scriptable through AppleScript; it is possible to automate
the process with a script attached to a folder, aka folder action.

Hope this helps.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to

As developers update their applications to Mac OS X, they are
relying less and less on the resource fork to store critical
information--among other reasons, to reduce problems like this
one. I'm not sure whether Quark has done so, yet it could merit
investigating whether such an upgrade would be worth the costs
and disruptions.

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by vince In reply to qxd file layout changes w ...

The first responder's answer is correct. However, there is
another way to fix this issue, which plagued our agency for quite
some time. Unfortunately it's not a free way. We are in week 2 of
a 3-week demo installation of a product called ExtremeZ-IP,
which replaces Microsoft's File Service For Mac on our Windows
2003 server. It uses a small footprint, the installer is small, the
admin tool is simple and straightforward - yet Macs can browse
and read/write files to our file server with no problems such as
they had before. Icons for Quark docs remain intact, no "black
holes" where EPS file previews used to be placed. Most
importantly, no lost file bugs. Connect to a Win2k3 server using
OSX's SMB long enough, and you will see a phenomenon where
you get an error about a file being in use when copying to the
server...and then BOTH files will disappear without warning.

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