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RA works, VPN does not with SBS 2003.

By yvo ·
I have got a XP pro client running sp2, and I can access my server with a remote desktop connection, but I do not seem to get a VPN connection working. I get the infamous 800 error... Can someone help me here?

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by SamTheDon In reply to RA works, VPN does not wi ...

Error 800:Unable to establish the VPN connection. The VPN server may be un-reachable, or security parameters may not be configured properly for this connection.

chk the connection on any hardware failure.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to RA works, VPN does not wi ...

i would check the model and firmware version of my router and check with my isp to see if they have any router models they know work with vpn? maybe you need to enable vpn passthru in the router? just amusing myself tossing in 2 cents...

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by CG IT In reply to RA works, VPN does not wi ...

TCP/IP - UDDP port 1723 needs to either be open or fowarded depending upon how your security is setup between your network and the internet.

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What version

by lgwhitlock In reply to RA works, VPN does not wi ...

Is it SBS2003 Standard or Premium? The big difference for VPN will be ISA servers vs. RRAS for VPN. I can say from experience RRAS is not an easy way to go for VPN. ISA was very easy and worked with very little effort. The main thing to remember is that the two networks connecting have to be on different subnets. At work I use and at home I use If you use the same subnet it won't matter what you do it will not connect. That cost me many hours a few years ago on my first VPN setup. Also, many routers will not allow VPN traffic properly, so if you aren't connecting the server directly to the internet check your router. If you have the Premium edition of SBS2003, then you can hook up direct because the ISA server will protect you network from the internet. Anyway, this is enough to get you started. If you need more direction after reading this ask as we will be in a better position to help as you will be able to provide the information needed. Good Luck.

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