Radeon 1300 graphic card

By randomwanderer ·
At work we use a Dell monitor that can be turned to portrait. The graphics card is Radeon 1300 Pro. I ask IT how to make it display in portrait mode, they say it can;t be done. I don't believe that? Can anyone point me to info that says it can be put in portrait mode? Thanks

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Test reply

by randomwanderer In reply to Radeon 1300 graphic card

To see if email response is sent to me

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Simple: - right-click an empty area on the Desktop ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Radeon 1300 graphic card

In the dialogue box there should be a graphics card display settings menu item.

In there, you'll find the options to revolve the onscreen image either clockwise or anticlockwise by 90 degrees.

I haven't used Radeon cards for almost 4 years, but the nVidia system works this way. I have no reason to assume that ATI/AMD Radeon is any different.

Nor do I have any doubt that being pillaried and placed in a set of stocks at the local market, to be pelted with rotten eggs/vegetables, is any less fitting a punishment for an IT guy who doesn't know how to accomodate a portrait monitor. :)

<Edited for suitable punishment>

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1300 portrait

by randomwanderer In reply to Simple: - right-click an ...

I tried that and everything else that one would do. Looks like IT, like in so many companys, really works for the hackers. The hackers do nothing and just laugh at how IT is so destructive to increased productivity. I just wanted to know if the 1300 was capable, just a matter of the drivers, before I go further. When will IT learn that they are a liability, overhead - not money makers! I have never seen nor has anyone ever said to me, 'IT comes around to all workers and asks what can they do to help one be more productive.' NEVER. Anyway thanks for reply. So you think the 1300 is capable with the correct driver? Probably the enhaced drivers that came with the card.

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The drivers should be there if the card is working

by seanferd In reply to 1300 portrait

You'll just need to access the display properties for this, assuming you are not locked out and unable to change these.

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