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Radeon 9800 Pro to GF 5700 Ultra

By aero420 ·
Which is better, and how much better?

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by TheChas In reply to Radeon 9800 Pro to GF 570 ...

First off, you are comparing a Corvette versus a Malibu.

The Radeon 9800 series is more closely matched to the GeForce 5800 or 5900 series based cards.

Looking at the benchmarks at Tom's Hardware:

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The Radeon 9800 stomps all over the GeForce 5700 Ultra, EXCEPT on Quake.

That said, the "best" graphics card depends as much on how you use your PC as it does the benchmark performance of the card.

If you run business graphics applications, I would go for an ATI card.

If you are a heavy gamer, I recommend a GeForce.

If your running Windows 98 or Me, either card may be too much for the OS.
I recommend against installing graphics cards with more than 128MB of RAM under Windows 9X.

For XP, if you install a video card with lots of RAM, install lots of system RAM too so that you can take full advantage of the video card.


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