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Radeon RX 570 issue

By DaDoctor12 ·
Tags: Hardware
hi, so i hust bought the above mentioned gpu. i am a gamer, and i wanted to test it out. so far with my tests,i have played Frostpunk on medium settings and the computer appears to crash at 6 min 15 s. is this an over heating issue?

to be clear, the screen goes black, i unplugged the hdmi cord and back in, and the creen was green. this is windows 10
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Lets try this first..

by RevenantSpawn In reply to Radeon RX 570 issue

So, I run AMD products only. I currently use a 5600 XT. I switched from a 550, to a 480 8GB then to a 590 and no my 5600 XT.

AMD products overheat if you do not set a fan curve and if your card is used, then I would suggest taking apart and reapplying thermal paste, or have someone do it for you.

First, open the Radeon settings and watch the temperatures. If they exceed 70 while playing a game at normal settings, it is time for a paste change. But, before you replace the paste, make sure you use the card for a few minutes to let it heat up. This will loosen the paste and make it easier to remove the old paste.

Let me know how this works for you, buddy.

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thank you

by DaDoctor12 In reply to Lets try this first..

ok, ill look at that
thank you

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