radeon x1950 XGE letdown

By Norehca ·
Well i just spent 300$ on a brand new Radeon x1950 XGE AGP (256MB GDDR3 1380MHZ RAM) video card. I expected to be able to play my games at the highest quality with resolutions at 1204x768 no problem. Ive always had to spend sometimes up to an hour to configure the graphics settings to get it just right for my system. I was fed up with that and just wanted the best card i could get, so i can just put all the settings on high, and have my games run no prob. I herd that the x1950 was one of the best AGP cards out there.

Well for games such as Battlefield 2, BF2142, Splinter Cell Double Agent, and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (along with some others), i was kinda let down. On the highest settings, with 1024x768, online is horrible for the battlefield games. Warfighter only runs good on medium textures, and double agent gets what seems to be around 30 FPS on its highest setting and 1024x768.

Now my computer has an Athlon 64 3700+ CPU, 1GB of RAM, and i keep my OS clean. I constantly defrag it, and its clean of spyware etc. Now i dont mean to complain, but for 300$ id like to be able to play these games no prob on these settings.

I expected mor eof this card. Its nice just...for 300$ i was expecting a little more. Does anyone know why im unable to run my games as well as i want? Is it just the video card? Is my hardware holding this video card back? is it the OS? Do i need to reinstall windows? Im not quite sure. An answer to this problem would be much appreciated. Thanks much.

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Well it could be the fault of the M'Board

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to radeon x1950 XGE letdown

Not supporting that Speed AGP Card.

As you have only listed the Video Card and are complaining about it, it's very hard to say if it's matched correctly to the M'Board that you are using.

With any hardware you can not pick what you think are the best bits and expect them to work properly together particularly if the system has been modified over a period of years as the new Video Cards will not work properly with the older M'Boards in some cases.

That's just a guess but I would hazard a guess that it's a well educated guess.


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My two cents

by JamesRL In reply to radeon x1950 XGE letdown

I've got a lesser radeon - an x1600 XT, and I have no problems running at 1024 x768 in High on Battlefield 2. I also have same amount of RAM and an Athlon 3200 +. I typically get 45-60 fps in Battlefield 2.

Have you done a benchmark? The 3d benchmarks here http://www.futuremark.com/products/3dmark06/
are a standard. If you can use the 05 edition benchmark we could compare numbers.


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a note

by Norehca In reply to My two cents

battlefield 2142 and bf2 work almost perfectly on single player. Multiplayer with 60+ other plyers, it slows down to what looks like (im making an educated guess here) 20 FPS. Or when a large explosion happens it will skip for a bit. It pretty much has its moments for about 15 - 30 seconds of almost perfect FPS, and then it will skip for 5 - 10 seconds or so. Double Agent seems to work on 1024x768, but id much rather 1280x1024 for smoother edges. It runs at what looks like ot be 20FPS. My friend got an xbox 360, and im trying my best to show my friends that computers are still better than consoles (i.e. PS3, 360). So far im neither winning or losing.

Warfighter has been known to have really steep system requirements which it got a low score in graphics for on IGN.

Maybe this is just me? ill make sure to run that benchmark.

I hate to reinstall windows for one reason. A friend and network admin told me that its better to try and fix the problem than take the easy way through. you learn more that way. A clean install of windows may very well fix this, but whats causing it chug once in a while? More RAM? My mobo isnt very old. 8x AGP. (k8vse deluxe)

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Number of factors and weakest link....

by JamesRL In reply to a note

In terms of measuring your frame rate, trying downloading FRAPS - its freeware and works with most games.

I've seen similar behaviour in BF2, but back when I was running it on a Radeon 9600 and on a P4 1.7 ghz with 512 MB of RAM.

Before you go too crazy, I think the main difference in the single player games and the multiplayer games in BF2 is the size of the map, and my understanding is that this is more of a function of the amount of RAM available. You may have 1 GB, but how many other processes are running. On my 1GB system, BF2 runs at about 500-600 MB of RAM, but will happily use more if its available. Perhaps you should trying paring down some of your background tasks, just for when you want to play the game.


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