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Radio networks and wireless? Are they hackable?

By aking ·
In the UK, I have seen many customers move to
A Radio network which is wireless, and does not require firewalls as it works on the same VLAN? Is this true? Can a company provide radio points on top of buildings using Private IP circuits which are terminated using a standard Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network) interface.

The service provider supplies a fully managed, VLAN capable switch on your site, allowing full management customers specify anything from a simple point to point circuit connecting two locations through to a meshed network servicing complex inter-branch IP (Internet Protocol) connectivity requirements.
The provider says they can provide
true 1:1 contention across all its connections. That 10Mbps bandwidth will not be compromised by other Users of the network and, because the Private IP Circuits are fully symmetrical. The supplier says
Security is paramount and they guarantee the integrity of your data. This is achieved using a proprietary infrastructure overlaid with encryption to prevent eavesdropping. The supplier advocates that it would be considerably easier for a hacker to physically tap into a traditional data circuit. Are radio networks less risk?

I am not convinced but feel my technical knowledge is a bit limited.... can any one help me with this?

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I called

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Radio networks and wirele ...

nobody answered.

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sorry you did not get through try again

by aking In reply to I called
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We use many of these types of links

by wallowamichael In reply to Radio networks and wirele ...

We provide technology support to rural school districts, including remote network management and Internet access. We use point to point microwave radios in the 5.8GHz band (NOT 802.11) that provide between 10 and 50 MB/s depending on the model and distance.<BR><BR>
The radios themselves do the encryption of the data. To the network, they look like a wire. You could sniff the data going across, I suppose, but since the keys are never transmitted, you'd not likely ever be able to use it.<BR><BR>
The only way to 'hack' the system would be to provide another end point radio. To do that, you'd have to know the exact frequency, modulation, and signal alignment of the radio on the other side. If you knew those things and were able to connect to one radio, the link to the rest of the network would go down, and you'd know there was a problem. Also, you would still receive encrypted data (that you couldn't do anything with) and you'd only get whatever is coming towards you, you wouldn't be 'part of the network' like a traditional sniffer.<BR><BR>
Very secure, very stable, quite reliable (most of our links are 99.95 - 99.97 available)<BR><BR>
We manage our own radio network, it's not provided by an outside agency. I don't know how the UK deals with microwave transmissions, but there are some stringent (but straight forward) US requirements. Once you meet them, the radios work great.<BR><BR>
We use MDS (No longer available) and Trango ATLAS radios. I'd be happy to talk off-line if you think you need any more help.

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Thank you

by aking In reply to We use many of these type ...

This reply is very good thank you. I am still not convinced that wireless link will be more secure the standard Leased Lines, but I am seeing the move toward this in order to save money.

I will be reviewing this with our Network Director and product managers next week, if I have any more questions I will send them to you. Regards Amanda

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