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    Radio player and recorder for Android


    by forknife ·

    Hey guys,
    I am looking for a FREE app (if possible) which allows me to play my favorite radio stations and offers a feature to record some of their shows. Sometimes my data connection is bad and I’d like to listen to a recorded stream then. Can you give me any hints? Is there an app you use for that purpose?

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      Audials App

      by mitchel01 ·

      In reply to Radio player and recorder for Android

      The classic recommendation for a radio player app would be TuneIn but you said it should be free. TuneIn Pro can’t record Internet streams. So I’d recommend Audials ( ) which is by far the best overall solution in my opinion. It offers a huge variety of stations and brings some neat extras like a clock radio packed into a nice UI. And as I said, it’s entirely free, so just give it a try 😉

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      Radio player and recorder for Android

      by alexstingmaster ·

      In reply to Radio player and recorder for Android

      A Rouge Radio, Broov Adore and Radio Rip all record internet streaming radio. But only Radio Rip has a timer/scheduler that turns your Droid into a Radio Tivo letting you automatically record four different pre-scheduled simultaneous streams at once.

      Radio Rip has been updated several times in recent weeks and it works with Froyo.

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      Others apps

      by davidsnipes ·

      In reply to Radio player and recorder for Android

      Internet Radio Recorder Pro. Designed to let the user record any favourite stream.
      RadioRec+. You can listen and record sound from various radio stations. More than 400 stations are available.
      Plus, there are apps that plays specific music, like 80s music, alternative or pop etc.

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