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Radiohead says pay what you want and Prince gives his album away

By DanLM ·

Even though I am not a huge fan of either of these two bands, I do own some of their recordings so I do know their music. Through this experiment of theirs, which this article points out is what is happening. They are moving away from the recording studios and doing their own marketing of their newly released albums. I think the telling points of this whole article are as follows:

This feels like yet another death knell," emailed an A&R executive at a major European label. "If the best band in the world doesn't want a part of us, I'm not sure what's left for this business."

In July, Prince gave away his album Planet Earth for free in the U.K. through the downmarket Mail on Sunday newspaper. At first he was ridiculed. Then he announced 21 consecutive London concert dates ? and sold out every one of them.

Now, I defiantly don't think RadioHead is the best band in the world. But I do know they have a significant following.

Has the time arrived where the bands are telling the label companies to pi$$ off? Considering they only receive roughly 30 percent of the profits of the sales? This for a major group?

We can only hope. And yes, if these bands did want money for their music via their downloads. I would pay it as long as record companies did not receive any of the proceeds.


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Who should make profit, and how much?

by jdclyde In reply to Radiohead says pay what y ...

The number one thing that erks me about the music industry is how they rape you on the price of a music CD. Almost no overhead yet twice the price of a cassette.

Then there is the download market. I also think it is moronic to pay $1 per song for a download, but others are gleefully throwing their money into it so there is no reason for the pricing to get realistic.

If people recall, Metalica got their start by GIVING away cassettes free and telling people to make copies for all of their friends. My, how they have fallen.

As for free downloads, before the crackdown on Napster, I used to get a lot of music that way. I deleted what I didn't like and went out and bought the CD of the ones I did. Since the lawsuits, I don't buy 1/4 of the CD's that I used to. yeah, they were losing all kinds of money with the pirated downloads..... :0

It is good that with the internet, ANYONE can get out their music, not just the crap that the pop wh0res put out.

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The only time I buy music anymore

by DanLM In reply to Who should make profit, a ...

Is when I find these off the wall music stores that don't sell what is popular.

I am always looking for new music.... Ie, I like blues so I am always looking for new blues by young artists. I like guitar, so I am always looking for someone that I don't know of. And it doesn't matter the style of music. I'm still an old head banger, so I am still buying music the 60's/70's. I still haven't discovered everything that I like from that era.

Record stores are pure crap for the most part, only what is popular. Sorry, most popular music gets turned off at my house. ;o), just not popular there. I know what I like, and they don't have it.


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