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RADIUS client for Unix ?

By friedy ·
Following John McCormick's article "User-to-service, RADIUS completes the circle" (TechRepublic, Feb 21, 2000),
Since we are using NT and Unix systems, is it possible to use the RADIUS also to authenticate Unix users ? (means, instead of using the local passwd file)
Our radius server, VASCO, is running on NT. If it is possible, I guess a RADIUS clients to my unix machines is needed (We
are using AIX, HP-UX and Dec-Unix) do you know where can I get them ?
(The radius supplier, VASCO, don't have them and I have search the Unix suppliers sites, but could not find any clients).

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RADIUS client for Unix ?

by jrnyman In reply to RADIUS client for Unix ?


There is an effort to produce a free RADIUS server underway at I understand that you are not seeking a server but UNIX client software. I am passing this site onto you in hopes that the information contained there will either provide the client software (I am positive that a PAM exists for x86 *nices but am unsure of your platforms) or can lead you to one. I garnered this information off of, a web site that provides info on newapplications (generally GPL or other OSS licenses) for *nix. I hope that I helped in someway.

M. Parke

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RADIUS client for Unix ?

by friedy In reply to RADIUS client for Unix ?

I have checked this URL a while ago but did not find an answer to my question. Still hoping someone will come up with info.

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