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RADIUS client for Unix ?

By friedy ·
Is it possible to use the RADIUS to authenticate Unix users ? (means, instead of using the local passwd file)
Our radius server, VASCO, is running on NT. If it is possible, I guess a RADIUS clients to my unix machines is needed (We are using AIX, HP-UX and Dec-Unix) do you know where can I get it ?
The radius supplier, VASCO, don't have them
and I have search the Unix suppliers sites, but could not find any clients, I have also checked .

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RADIUS client for Unix ?

by Hasse MCSE/Brainbench In reply to RADIUS client for Unix ?


I'm not too familiar with Radius, but I know alot about both Unixes and Linux.

There is a free Radius deamon availible at, you can also go to and search for radius and you'll find a few more.

But in order to be able to use them you need to compile them sonce they are only availible in source code format.

In order to compile them you at least need gnu make and gnu gcc.

I'd suggest you set this up on one of your unix machine and download theradius source to one fo the free daemons and read documentation that comes with it and try it out.

This is how I would do it.


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RADIUS client for Unix ?

by friedy In reply to RADIUS client for Unix ?

What I need is not a RADIUS server, but RADIUS client. I have already a RADIUS server runs on NT (VASCO) and I want unix users to be authenticated by it. If your are suggesting to take the free source and extract only the client parts from it, well,it's a lot of work. I was hoping someone knows about ready for use client only.

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