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    RADIUS Server info


    by bril ·

    I am new to this.

    Can anyone provide me with some basic info??
    Also is this different to VPN or an addition to VPN??

    Maybe also a network diagram of how this could be implemented in a company’s network??

    Any info welcome and appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for the info and your cooperation.

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      by bril ·

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      Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS)

      by robo_dev ·

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      Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

      Radius is just a reasonably secure way to authenticate remote users. It was originally developed for dial-in users, but is commonly used for VPN and even Wireless LAN authentication.

      Radius is not a VPN, as it has nothing to do with transport. It is commonly used by VPN servers for authentication.

      From a network perspective, a RADIUS server would typically sit inside the network on the same segment where it was needed…e.g. for the VPN server or for the Wireless LAN users.

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