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    RAID 0 + File systems


    by tom.edukonis ·

    I have a Lacie Ethernet Big Disk which suffered a fatal blow to the controller card. I removed the drives and can see them in Computer Management/Disk Management but cannot access the data.

    The drives came configured in a RAID 0 setup under the HFS+ file system. What I want to find out is, can I simply reconnect the drives to a different RAID controller, configure it for RAID 0 and via software programs such as TransMac or MacDrive, access/retrieve the data?


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      by tom.edukonis ·

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      I wouldn’t expect this to work

      by oh smeg ·

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      It is because the RAID is a pat of the system and you need the same controller to have it work correctly.

      It’s hard enough attempting to move HDD’s in the same hardware type between different enclosures but to move them to a Different Enclosure Type with everything completely different is very unlikely to work.


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        same here….

        by —tk— ·

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        The only way to get it back would be to get the same controller card (most OS’s), and even then… its a ruff situation…

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          50/50 at best

          by tom.edukonis ·

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          I am being optimistic which is really not my style but because it would save a tremendous amount of money and time if it did work, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

          I ordered an inexpensive raid card from newegg, one that is not only pc compatible but also compatible with linux. I am hoping that because of this, it will have a better chance of reading the HFS+ file system that the data is on.

          Thanks for the input, I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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