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RAID 0 requirements

By kenshek ·
RAID 0 requires 2 HDs
I want to know are the HDs must be the same capacity? i.e. same brand and type.


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Yes and a little no.

by JOVE In reply to RAID 0 requirements

It is HIGHLY recomended that both drives are exactly the same. If not you can have alot of data problems. Also, you will only be able to use the ammount of space on a larger equal to the size of the smaller dirve.

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Fix to: Yes and a little no.

by JOVE In reply to Yes and a little no.

I said "larger" and I mean "larger drive".

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One more question...

by kenshek In reply to Yes and a little no.

Thanks for the reply.
What if the 2 HDs are different brands, with with same capacity (i.e. 30G and interface (i.e. 7,200rpm, 2M buffer and ATA100)

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by eBob In reply to One more question...

First: the disks do not need to be the same capacity for RAID 0, although that would be preferred. They can also be different specs. RAID 0 is disk striping, without redundancy. Your RAID controller will write some data to the first disk, and some to the second disk, and so on. The idea being that by splitting up the "flow", you might be able to improve performance.

RAID 0 is not used much.

RAID 1 is disk mirroring. A second disk maintains a copy of everything on the first. If the first disk fails, the RAID controller switches over to the second, providing high availability. When the first disk is replaced, the RAID controller rebuilds the data from the second.

For RAID 1, the disks should be closely matched in terms of capacity,speed and obviuosly interface (i.e., you cannot make a RAID 1 set from an EIDE disk and a SCSI disk - either both EIDE or both SCSI). If they are different brands, that's "likely" OK.

Are you sure you want RAID 0, and not RAID 1?

Here's a goodlink about RAI

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by meshyslanky In reply to RAID 0?

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Schools of thought...

by LordInfidel In reply to RAID 0 requirements

This has been a hotly contested theory, where some will say that it does not matter. Other will swear by having everything the same.

I take the latter school of thought and here is why.

Each manufacturer has their own standards for hdd's. This includes speed, cylinders, heads, transfer rates etc.

When you put 2 different drives into a raid you run the risk of having the data replicated at a different rate to another drive. This can lead to data corruption.

The best and safest betis to have all drives in the raid set identical. Not just by size, but by manufacturer and model.

Alot of raid cards will be very picky about allowing the raid set to be created if the basics are off by just a little. Especially the higher end raid cards like the dell perc or compaq raid cards.

BTW- When you have the choice of going with hardware raid (raid cards) versus software raid (NT4,2k) always go with hardware raid.

If the data is in a production enviroment where integrity andreliabilty is a must, then software is a no no. Hardware raid only in those instances.


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by k.scott2 In reply to Schools of thought...

Having been responsible for building (as part of another project) a total of 40+ Notes servers, all with 300GB+ RAID, I wholly agree with your comments. Keep them the same and you lose so many potential points of failure....

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Immmmmmm Back!

by meshyslanky In reply to RAID 0 requirements

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Are you the dufus...

by Klingon In reply to Immmmmmm Back!

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Off Topic for Klingon:

by JOVE In reply to Are you the dufus...

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