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By yagar ·
I have a customers year old Gateway with 2 - 250 gig SATA drives. It came from Gateway set up with RAID-0 from the Intel controller on the motherboard. I have run hardware Diagnostics on both drives and they appear to be in good shape.

The computer will not boot to the OS. It says "Disk Read Error reboot computer". When the computer boots, the menu for the Raid controller pops up saying RIAD is not set up and shows the 2 drives. Obviously it has lost it's RAID configuration.

If I go into the RIAD configuration and re-set it up will all the data be lost that is on the drives? Is there is a special procedure to use when re-setting it up, to save the data? What's the best guess as to why it lost the RAOD setup?



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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to RAID 0

This one really depends on the RAID controller if it's a Promise Tech one you can just reset the RAID and it should work.

I would first dump in a different drive and disconnect the existing SATA drives and try an install of Windows just to make sure that the controller is still actually working before attempting to reestablish the RAID configuration but from your description it sounds like a stripped RAID Array where the data gets spread across both drives and not mirrored onto the drives.

If that is the case and you have an Intel M'Board the best solution is to make sure that the owner had a recent backup and then reinstall after wiping the drives. If push comes to shove the worst that you can do is reestablish the RAID ARRAY and try to recover the data but I wouldn't be holding my breath.

If the data isn't backed up and it is really important this one is really a job for a Data Recovery Company and the costs will not be cheap.

But before you do anything at all download the Drive Makers Diagnostic tool and make sure that both drives are in fact working properly it's always possible that one has failed or even the PS could have gone bad with a low 5 VDC rail and wiped the MBR's off both drives.


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by yagar In reply to

The controller is a Intel onboard SATA RAID.

I disconnected both drives, installed another HD, loaded XP. After final reboot I went into the BIOS and disabled the RAID Controller. I reconnected the 2 drives. After booting back to XP I loaded a software based RAID, set it to RAID 0. Bingo, all the data is intact. I copied the data to the boot drive then burned it to a CD.

I award the points because reading your input got me thinking, then with some searching I came up with the final answer.



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by CG IT In reply to RAID 0

call Gateway support. There is a known problem with their SATA controllers. They can walk you though recovery.

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by yagar In reply to
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by yagar In reply to RAID 0

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