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    RAID 1 Cloning


    by computerjim ·


    The integrated adapter (which I want to use) is a Dell PERC 4e/Di in a Dell PowerEdge 2800.
    The add-in one is a lower performance Adaptec 2120s.
    Both are Ultra320 SCSI adapters.
    The first step I want to achieve is to eliminate the poor performance Adaptec 2120s. The Adaptec has only 64mb of RAM, no battery backup, can only connect to half of the backplane. The Dell PERC is faster with 256mb RAM, faster processor, Battery Backup, and has the capability to control the entire backplane.

    So the Adaptec card is currently plugged into the Dell’s backplane using SCSI ID’s 0,1,2, & 3. With the two OS drives in positions 0 & 1. The Dell PERC is only plugged into SCSI ID’s 4,5,8 & 9 (6 & 7 are not available?). My process so far is as follows:

    1. Populate SCSI ID 4 & 5 with drives.
    2. Configure and initialize a blank RAID 1 array on the PERC controller using the new drives.
    3. Boot into the clone software to clone from the Adaptec’s to the PERC’s array. (EaseUS Todo Backup has worked for me many times in the past)
    4. Wait an hour for the clone to complete.
    5. Attempt to boot from the PERC.

    All attempts to boot the cloned drives gives a NTLDR is missing Press Crtl Alt Del error??

    So I think I have thought out my next process to attempt:

    1. Shutdown server, move Adaptec to SCSI ID’s 4,5,8,9 and the PERC to 0,1,2,3

    2. Move the ‘Source’ drives to 4,5 and the Destination Drives to 0,1

    3. Boot, allow the Adaptec to auto detect and update the configuration for the array now in a different slot.

    4. Configure and initialize a blank RAID 1 on the PERC using drives in 0 & 1.

    5. Boot clone software and clone from Adaptec to PERC.

    6. Attempt to boot PERC now that the drives are correctly in 0 & 1.

    Thoughts? What am I missing? Thanks for any and all help.

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