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    Raid 1 on Win2000 Server?


    by scifiman ·

    I have a new Highpoint RocketRAID 1520 (2-channel SATA controller) PCI card in a new Dell Optiplex GX280. I can load 2000 Server on it but when it reboots after the load it has the error “No boot device available”, with options of F1 to retry or F2 to drop into the Dell bios.

    Can 2000 Server use SATA drives? I have tried loading it several times in a couple different ways. Last attempt was thru the raid card, then usig the cards bios settings to build the mirror drive. Just can’t get it to boot. Dell points at Highpoint. Highpoint says it sounds like a motherboard setting.

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      by willcomp ·

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      I have installed 2000 Server on 2 PCs with SATA RAID. One was Intel ICH5 controller and the other was a VIA controller. Both were RAID 1 (mirror) using WD SATA drives. Had no problems with either PC.

      Just to verify: First set up array in controller firmware. Then install 2000 server. Have controller driver on floppy disk, and F6 the driver. Assume you did this, if not, need to do so. Driver is available on Highpoint web site and use latest release.

      Check boot sequence in Dell BIOS. Ensure that RAID contoller is listed in boot order (may be listed as a SCSI device).

      Rate this answer and provide BIOS setting details, if no luck.


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      Reply To: Raid 1 on Win2000 Server?

      by sgt_shultz ·

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      weird. you sure it is not getting as far as boot.ini and that boot.ini got built correctly. i have seen this in ibm servers. sets up boot.ini as scsi but needs it to be ata.
      i would politely ask highpoint tech support for a supervisor level tech support person. i would get the dell booting off a variety of other devices, proving the raid controller is the problematic thing…

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      Reply To: Raid 1 on Win2000 Server?

      by rindi1 ·

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      That’s normal, you will have to install the driver adapter during installation. What you can try is to disconnect the 2nd drive and see if windows boots up now. If that is the case you shoud be able to install the driver for the raid device now. There will be a device with a !. Update the driver with your floppy disk, then reboot and make sure the ! has now dissappeared. if so, shutdown, connect your 2nd disk again and reboot…

      If it doesn’t work that way you will have to reinstall your OS. This time don’t forget to hit F6 when the installer asks you if you want to add a 3rd party controller and insert your driver floppy.

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      by scifiman ·

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