Raid 1 Question

By keithbrown38 ·
I have a Dell Server with 2 operating System HD's 36 gb and then 6 300gb disks and all are raid 1. My 1 system disk failed and gave me a Blue Screen witherror c0000218 registry cant find hive file. My question is can I just replace the drive and it will rebuild itself? Or do I haver to do something else?

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Raid 1 is a mirror

by tintoman In reply to Raid 1 Question

of 2 or more disks which are exact copies, therefore if one fails the other will continue to work.
In your scenario it seems this is not a mirror and therefore not RAID 1.
It per chance it is RAID 5 then yes you can replace the faulty disc if you think it has crashed and rebuilt the array

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Thank You

by keithbrown38 In reply to Raid 1 is a mirror

Thanx for the quick reply.

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