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RAID 10 array degraded, Windows does not boot - NEED HELP !!!

By mkayes ·
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The RAID 10 array in the following system setup is degraded and does not boot into windows:
- Vista 64-bit
- Intel D975XBX2 mobo
- Intel Q6700 quad core cpu
- 4 x seagate 500 GB SATA II hd (in RAID 10 array)
- Marvell RAID controller
- 4 GB RAM, DVD, etc.

After 3 days of research, the best piece of advice I got was from this forum at
and hence my post on this forum to seek further assistance.

My system has been working perfectly for the last 1 year and after some recent updates, I was unable to boot into windows due to "missing operating system" error. Upon checking BIOS parameters, Marvell RAID setup parameters, I found that the RAID configuration in Marvell RAID was not defined / existent.

Irrespective of what I tried, a missing Marvell RAID driver file, mv61xx.sys, was the error message that did not allow me to boot into windows into any mode.

I went into the Marvell RAID setup upon boot and redefined the RAID array using the 4 member disks using the same array name and array stripe size in RAID 10 configuration.

Interestingly, once I defined the RAID 10 setup using the same 4 disks, the degraded error was not present any more, but still unable to boot into windows.

I followed the advice from the above referenced post on this forum to disconnect 2 disks while leaving the other 2 intact (primary and secondary stripe). The correct combination of 2 disks was achieved through trial and error and lo and behold, my system booted into windows without the "missing operating system" error or the "missing Marvell RAID driver" error. But, it will only boot in safe mode and not in normal mode.

So, now I have my system powered on and booted into windows in safe mode, I don't have any intentions of powering it off until when I resolve this fully.

This is what I have done so far:
- created backup of ALL data (precious, precious stuff) onto external HD (which has a backup copy of half the data). But the other half are media files (home video) that I never backed up and now I am good on literally ALL my data. This in itself was worth my time in this forum.

- how do I reinstate the other 2 disks into the RAID 10 array and recreate / rebuild (maybe wrong terminology here) with all 4 disks so that both primary and secondary stripes are good and working?

I did not have any luck with using all 4 disks in the Marvell RAID setup during boot.


Thanks in advance.

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Too much trouble

by davidburke84 In reply to RAID 10 array degraded, W ...

You're going into way too much trouble for this. Buy another external drive and save the files that you couldn't fit on the one external drive and reformat. The time that you wasted researching you could have reformatted and been on your merry way.

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