raid 2120s by adaptec

By rvoight ·
My firm recently purchased a company that had 3 drives attached to the 2120s hot plugable scsi controller in a server. They removed those drives and did not note what order they removed them. Since that time we later purchased the server. I have been trying with no success to move these drives into various order to reach an operable state. So far I have been unable to achieve this. I do not want to format the drives as there is no backup. Any one has a suggestion I would appreciate it.

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been there....

by ---TK--- In reply to raid 2120s by adaptec

Basically your best bet is to keep trying different combo's... Although I don't know much about the 2120's, but with other RAID controllers, its a crap shoot...

although, there was one situation that a field tech replaced the RAID controller (with out telling us), and we were able to reload the NVRAM. The controller picked up the drives and reloaded the RAID setup correctly... Rebooted and it was fine...But then again, all the drives were in order to begin with...

I would jump into the RAID controller, and see if it lists the drive SN's or something that you can distinguish on the drives...

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