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Raid 5

By hgonzalez ·
Can I install the Windows 2000 server OS on a raid 5 that consists of more than 5 drives ? The size of each drive are 70GB.

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by Frank-MW In reply to Raid 5

No problem, as long as you use NTFS. Practical maximum volume is 2 TB. You are well within that requirement. Maximum drives in RAID 5=32
for more

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by hgonzalez In reply to Raid 5

I thought I could do that, but every time that I installed Win2K on the 6 drives raid 5 config and I never get the login screen. If I use only 5 drives I have no problem. Any ideas on this ?

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by hgonzalez In reply to Raid 5

I forgot to let you know. The problem is when I set up "Active Directive" on the server is when this problem occurs.

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by abubin In reply to Raid 5

i don't think the problem lies with win2k. Most probably it's your raid5 configuration. Try changing some of your raid5 settings especially the raid stripe size.

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by Tictag In reply to Raid 5

I don?t have an answer to your question but a question on your methods.

Why would you want to install Win2K on such a huge RAID set? Surely it would be better to install the OS on a small RAID0 set with a file storage drive setup on your big RAID5 set? Using the same RAID set for both OS and file storage I/O would reduce server performance, especially during any paging operations.


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