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By titashd ·
I am going to upgrade my NT PDC to Windows 2000 server DC with AD. This box is a Compaq machine and holds hardware RAID 5. I was wondering whether I need to break the RAID before upgrading and how can I go it? Even if I don't have to worry about it for my upgrading process, it will always be helpful if I can get some tips on How to break hardware RAID.


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Stick with Hardware RAID

by don_brill In reply to RAID 5

The Compaq RAID controller presents your Hardware RAID to the OS as a single drive, so you needn't try to break the RAID array prior to an upgrade.

To break a hardware RAID array, you'd first ensure some type of backup (tape, ghost, whatever.) Boot the machine to a SmartStart CD and run the Array Configuration Utility (ACU). If you're not working with the boot array, you can run the ACU from within Windows or NetWare. Other than adding a drive to a RAID set, nearly all other Array Configuration changes are destructive (all data will be lost.)

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The Raid

by The Watcher In reply to RAID 5

No is the simple answer to your question

The long answer is, When you have a Hardware raid, the 3+ disks appear to the OS as a single disk, this isn?t dependant on the OS, So NT4, W2k or W2k3 will all see it as a single disk or disks (dependingon how its configured in the array manager). If you Format the existing disk (Backing anything important up prior of course) and install W2k Server as per you would any other disk.

You shouldn?t have any problems.


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